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Canadian coins grading - 50 cents 1953 to 1964 - Elizabeth II


Design and date are discernable, although some spots may be worn out. Some lettering should be apparent, if not necessarily readable.


Major illustrations and features are evident as outlines. although the coin overall is heavily worn.


Full rim with clearly discernable illustrations and features. Most legends are readable clearly, but the whole coin is still significantly worn.


Distinct rim, all legends readable, clear illustrations showing some detail, but the whole coin is moderately, but evenly worn.


F-12 - 50 cents 1953 to 1964 - Elizabeth II F-12 - 50 cents 1953 to 1964 - Elizabeth II 


Clearly readable but lightly worn legends, illustrations show good detail, rims are clean, but the whole coin shows moderate wear on the high points and a little wear below.


Legends are sharp, illustrations are clear with slight but obvious wear on the high points.


Sharp legends and illustrations show only a trace of wear on the highest points. There must be some remaining mint luster.

MS-60 to MS-70

Coins in this grade are in mint condition and free of any wear.

Coins of these grades have are uncirculated. The only traces of wear on these coins come from the contact with each other during their production at the Mint. The difference between these grades is too small to be reproduced in pictures and images.

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