original roll of 1998 canadian cents w/ crownless-elizabeth

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original roll of 1998 canadian cents w/ crownless-elizabeth

Post by fizzy » Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:26 am

I TRIED TO DELETE THIS B/C ANOTHER FORUM SEEMINGLY ANSWERED IT ... SORRY, I CAN'T DELETE IT HERE, ONLY EDIT - SORRY , I DON'T MEAN TO SPAM ALL OVER THE PLACE - i think the coin was struck with both the new and old effigies and what i have is common.

hello - i often visit another forum (coin talk) just to read up on who's discussing what but finally registered and asked a question for help in identifying these - but upon a further search it seems that a canadian forum is probably better, eh?

i am in the u.s. have what i believe to be an original bank roll of canadian cents which i figured i'd list on ebay and first searched for similar items to get a sense of the price - however, the 1998 canadian cents i found there depict QEII with a crown, this roll clearly does not. additionally, although there is no mintmark where another coin had one, there is a mark, what might be an "F" below the queen's bust. of course i searched a bit but don't readily find an answer and i'm about to leave (in an hour!) for a rainy week upstate - i don't really think i stumbled upon some obscure rarity (though i would of course welcome that) but i find it odd that it was not immediately identifiable - can someone direct me to read up on such variations so i may list my coins properly?

i tried to add images here but can't tell if they took so here's a link to the same post at the other forum in case they didn't take here. http://www.cointalk.com/t190283/

thanks for your consideration!

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