Inheritance in Edmonton

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Inheritance in Edmonton

Post by NebulaTig » Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:51 pm

I inherited several large cardboard boxes of coins about 20 years ago. At the time I was told it was worth over $10K. I went through and inventoried them but it basically it just wound up being a long unorganized list. I have been meaning to get these on computer but haven't got around to it. I do recall that 90% of the coins were older sets in clear plastic, a lot of centennial items and mint sets. Some just bulk in pill containers, etc, too.

They are just collecting dust in the basement and a bit of a security concern. What is the best way to sell this collection in its entirety? Use a broker? If so what should I look for, bonded, licenced? Or am I just setting myself up to be ripped off with my lack of knowledge?

Should I physically go through the collection again, get a pricing book and try to determine a value? If I do that I might as well get a table at the next coin show and sell them there, something I do not have the time to do.

Last time I spoke to my Uncle (brother of who I inherited this from) he told me just to sell it for its silver content, I'd probably get more for it.

Not sure where to go from here...

la cenne
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Re: Inheritance in Edmonton

Post by la cenne » Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:13 am

Sort your raw coins into piles by denominations 1,5,10 cents etc.Then separate them 1967 and older in 1 pile for each denomination.Here is a link to check the melt value of the coins you have. ... alculator/
If you cannot grade coins,it will be very hard to establish a real value.There are key dates,errors,varieties etc to look for.Why not buy a Charlton Catalogue and spend a few nights readinng through.You might even get interested in what you read and become a collector.It would be a shame to melt your inheritance for scrap silver price.
There are also some dealers in your area.If you trust them,bring a few items to start a discussion.
I personnally collect canadian 1 cent pieces and would be interested to know what you have in your boxes.
Good Luck

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