1999P one cent test strikes

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1999P one cent test strikes

Post by barzilla » Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:21 pm

I recently purchased 10 1999P one cent test strikes from an estate sale. I noticed that
they all demonstrate a condition that appears at first glance to be a large identical
scratch on the obverse, along the rim, directly behind the "i" in "Elizabeth".

Under magnification, it becomes obvious that there existed a delaminated surface on
the die used to strike these coins. Furthermore, the coins exhibit various bagmarks as
if they'd been handled as normal business strikes.

I have seen many dozens of the mint sets and none of the one cent test strikes
contained therein demonstrated this condition. Does it follow that these might well be
some of the original number of coins minted for the purpose of adjusting vending

I repeat that there is no apparent damage to the coins beyond this die mark and that
all the coins are identical except for random bag marks. The detail of the strike would
be considered exceptional.

Thanks. All comments are appreciated.

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