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2017 Canadian Coin Set - Errors or Defects??

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:20 am
by Larry1960
So I have a question, has anyone else noticed something weird about the 2017,12 coin collection from the mint?

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I received mine this week and something looked a bit odd as I had a quick scan on the product. Initially I saw that one of the toonies had a fairly rough looking rim and then discovered all of the toonies had the same condition. Upon snooping around this site I found out that the problem was the end lettering was aggressive and caused the rim damage. Also, in looking at the loonie, (special one), there is a mark on the reverse face, near the "C" in Canada that was probably something on the die face when the coin was struck.

So here is my question for the people who know a whole lot more than me. Does the rim damage constitute an "error" on the coin? (I understand that it is a manufacturing problem) Does the mark on the loonie constitute an error? What is the chances to have 4 such "error" coins all in one set? I have not opened this set yet and don't intend to however does this condition have the potential to make this set more valuable to those who collect that type of thing.

These sets are pretty expensive relative to what you receive, $34.95+tax, especially as there is no half dollar included, and if I call the mint they would surely replace it for me. I have already ordered another one to see if this is a unique situation or not. Considering these coins aren't in circulation yet, it surprises me the quality seems so bad.

I will try to add a few photos as soon as I can sort out reducing the glare from all the plastic packaging!


Re: 2017 Canadian Coin Set - Errors or Defects??

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:10 pm
by coinguy
The rim damage is known as waffling.
It is quite common on Toonies and there is no premium for these.
After the coins are minted, they go through an edge lettering
machine that stamps the letters on the edge and causes a slight
raising of the metal. These letters can be facing up or down, depending
which side of the coin was up when it was stamped.
The Loonie sounds like it might have a small strike through but will need
pictures to confirm this. Depending on the cause, there might be a small
premium on the Loonie.

Re: 2017 Canadian Coin Set - Errors or Defects??

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:09 pm
by Larry1960

Firstly thanks for the clarification on the toonie "waffling" now I have a name for it! I did read that it was a common problem on edge lettered toonies however it was more the "shock" that I would find it on a Mint "product" that is sold at a pretty high markup and on all three or the coins included.

I just looked at the "Classic" set and the toonie has the same issue. :(

As for the loon, I took this photo and although not 100% due to the packaging I think you can see the general idea.

WIN_20170310_15_36_22_Pro.jpg (265.72 KiB) Viewed 8079 times

Thanks for the help!

Re: 2017 Canadian Coin Set - Errors or Defects??

Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:29 pm
by coinguy
The coins put in those sets are just business strikes.
The same coins that will be issued to the public, so no
extra care is taken with them as say in a `Proof Set`.
There are probably more Toonies with waffling than without.
On the Loonie, it looks like it may be a bit of plate bubbling.
Just another example of RCM poor quality control.