1912 to 1914 Canadian gold coins sold by the mint.

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1912 to 1914 Canadian gold coins sold by the mint.

Postby carlg » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:39 am

I have noticed a lot of stores who bought from the rcm the 1912 to 1914 Gold Canadian "hand selected" and "premium hand selected" coins and are selling on the secondary markets range in prices. I am not sure if my concern is unfounded. I do not believe their is any safe guard the RCM put in place to determine the difference. In other words...what is stopping someone with both coins from taking one from the "premium hand selected" sold at a higher price with a "hand selected" sold at a lower price. I think I will play it safe and buy certified graded coins. I know the rcm taped the coins in a seal, but I think the seals are the same and the size is the same. Sorry if I sound alarming, but I have read people say that they sometimes do not see any difference in coins.

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