foreign coins in use in canada

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foreign coins in use in canada

Postby mithrandir » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:36 pm

In the colonies of the new worlds a lot of foreign coins where in use.

I invite you to post in this topic your favorite foreign coin that was in use in the colonies.

Here 2 coins from the french colonies;

Double denier tournois 1642;



denier tournois 1653;



Why denier tournois

In those age in France they was 2 workshop that was strucking coins,

One in Paris :arrow: denier parisis
One in tour :arrow: denier tournois

5 deniers tournois = 4 deniers parisis
2 deniers tournois = 1 double tournois

In france the référence was the gold écu;

1 ecu = 3 livres
1 livre = 20 sous
1 sou = 12 denier

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Postby BCNumismatics » Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:25 pm

The top Double Tournois is actually not from France itself,but a French state called Dombes.For a very long time,this coin wasn't even listed in Krause,but for the past few years,it has been losted in Krause.

It is possible that the bottom coin,which is a Denier Tournois,is from France itself,was struck at Paris,as the 'A' mintmark is the traditional mintmark of the Monnaie de Paris.


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