Mint Bags & Expectations

Johnathan Cox
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Mint Bags & Expectations

Postby Johnathan Cox » Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:43 pm

I recently purchased an "unsearched" mint bag of 1964 pennies and I'm about 15 rolls in and so nothing. No missing initial, die cracks, doubling or extra splines. A bust.

Does anyone out there have an idea of what I should expect? Are these varieties so uncommon that I should not expect any in 5000 or did the seller mislead me?

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Re: Mint Bags & Expectations

Postby Shylo » Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:02 pm

My opinion on "unsearched rolls" is met with a large amount of skeptisism ...

I would expect the same for and bag..

This is my opinion...

Still give each a good look over.. but look for ones that will grade 65 or higher. As you're scrutinizing the grade some of the errors will pop if they're present.

A buddy of mine had bought rolls from a collector who never even looked at the rolls he bought... (they just got packed away...) almost all the pennies in the rolls ended up be double dates and hanging digits.. so perhaps it's just the luck of the draw....

But to get your money out of the bag.. I think 65's and better is what you'll be hoping for rather than errors.... I would imagine if anywhere this is where you might get a scrap of scissel as well... which would be cool!

Johnathan Cox
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Re: Mint Bags & Expectations

Postby Johnathan Cox » Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:15 pm

Thanks. 20 rolls in and I've managed to pull 20 - 25 gems and a half dozen hanging 4's. I know what you're saying with respect to buyer beware and I guess that's why I was only willing to pay $4/roll. I'd say my butt is covered. And it's FUN!!

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Re: Mint Bags & Expectations

Postby bushman74 » Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:16 pm

Hi Johnathan,

Did your bag look anything like this:


This is my bag of 1963 pennies. It has 6000 pennies in it. You mentioned that yours had 5000 pennies.

Did your bag have the official mint seal on it?

This is the official mint seal on my bag:


Did you buy your bag from a dealer or privately? I've seen dealer prices of between $599 - $799 for late 1960's bags.

I am considering selling mine our Calgary coin show March 19 & 20. I've already had offers close to $500.

If someone was ambitious and had the time to mount them they could sell it on EBay at $1.00 and make a decent profit. If they found errors that would make it even more rewarding.

Good luck with your searching and sales.

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