Help with grading please

Post your pictures here if you want grades opinions.
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Help with grading please

Postby shyster66 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:01 pm

Hey all. New to this site. I went thru my uncles coins that he left me and found these. Hope i can upload them. I would put the nickel at a vg8 i think. Do major scratches significantly devalue the coin? Obviously they would on a higher quality coin but im not sure exactly. The coin would for sure be at least a vg8 or even better without the scratches? Also have this gold coin. Would put it at a VF20? Thx for any help Image Image Image Image

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Re: Help with grading please

Postby Lightw4re » Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:08 pm

First one looks like F-12 and gold coin around EF-40.

I'm not a professional grader, it's my personal opinion.

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