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cleaned/not cleaned

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 5:58 pm
Hello all,
This is a rookie question likely but I'll ask anyway. I am gathering tricks/advice for telling whether a silver coin has been cleaned or not. You know how when you tilt a coin from side to side there's a sort of shimmer effect that appears to rotate around the coin edge? It seems to me that this is a sign that the coin has *not* been cleaned. Something about the surface at a microscopic level after it's been struck - this gets disrupted by the reducing agents that clean off the toning maybe?

Anyway, I'm just wondering whether this is legit?

Re: cleaned/not cleaned

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:34 am
by Bill in Burl
A pic would help. Hard to say in the blind

Re: cleaned/not cleaned

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:53 pm
Sorry - just saw this. I don't have a specific example in mind but I spoke with a very experienced guy I know at Torex and he explained that the sheen rotation is called a 'cartwheel effect' and it is in fact, a legit way to assess the surface of a coin.