1973 Canada 40 Note One Dollar RADAR Sheet

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1973 Canada 40 Note One Dollar RADAR Sheet

Postby No1uno3 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:36 pm

Hi Everyone

I inherited a sheet of the discontinued Canadian 1973 one dollar bank notes quite some time ago. This is a 40 note sheet (5x8) that features 10 of the notes with RADAR NUMBERS! 2 of the notes are 2-digit radars, I think there are 4 3-digit radars, and the other 4 are 4-digit. I have some pictures somewhere in one of my old pc's that I am trying to find and will post ASAP. I don't really want to dig out the sheet from the original shipping tube again, as obviously the less I handle these the better.

I have been searching and asking questions for years and am having a really hard time getting an honest educated opinion of the value. I would really like to know what these are worth, should I be getting them insured or what. I really doubt I would be interested in selling them at this time, but anything is possible?

Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: 1973 Canada 40 Note One Dollar RADAR Sheet

Postby Lightw4re » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:13 pm

Generally sold around $250 to $275.

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Re: 1973 Canada 40 Note One Dollar RADAR Sheet

Postby papermoneyguy » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:07 am

I believe your sheet would have more value because of the fact that it contains radar notes.
The first thing of importence is the prefix of the notes
For example, the prefix BFD lists in the catalogue for $150 a sheet, but the prefix EAX lists for $800 ...as you can see there is a huge difference in value...there are other prefixes that range inbetween
Secondly, the radars have value beyond the regular banknote
A 2 digit radar catalogues for $100 and a 3-4 digit radar about $20
If the 3-4 digits are radar repeaters this again increases the value...
However, all this being said these are catalogue prices and it really depends what collectors are willing to pay...but I feel your sheet is more valuable than a regular sheet
As for insurance, I personally do not see the point because riders and premiums are usually too high to justify...
As a point of caution...keep the tube in a dry area away from excessive heat/moisture etc.
Also, make sure the tube is sealed at both ends,,,,here is a little story from a friend..
He had two tubes with sheets placed in a closet for about 5 years and when it was time to move he pulled them out....the ends had been chewed open ,,,after opening the tubes one sheet was pretty well destroyed without 1 single note useable ...a mouse had used the sheet for nesting material in the other tube...the other tube....you wouldn't want to touch the sheet with gloves it was that badly soiled with mouse dropings/etc...
Store wisely....and BTW nice sheet

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Re: 1973 Canada 40 Note One Dollar RADAR Sheet

Postby No1uno3 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:12 pm

Hi PaperMoneyGuy

Thanks for your comments. They are a lot closer to what I was thinking. I have seen 2 digit radars selling for up to $100 elsewhere, so i was thinking they would increase the value of my sheet substancially.

It's really interesting how the numbers are laid out on the sheet. The center number increases sequentially on a diagonal pattern. Resulting in the odd combination of numerous radar notes. (I'm still looking for those pictures lol). That leads me to believe that there may be a few others around, but maybe not with so many radars. Of course, some collectors wouldn't even realize they have radars. A lot of others have framed and mounted these sheets, resulting in extreme fading. Then of course, the mice have gotten to a few other sheets. All making my sheets that much more unique. Unfortunately, the prefix on this batch is BFK, which is probably nothing special.

I have always kept the tube safely stored in a cool dry location, with both ends well sealed. And I have 3 cats standing by, ready to deal with those pesky mice lol.

Thanks again for your input. It's greatly appreciated!

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