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Would like to sell old Cdn Bills collection.....

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:54 am
by shunter
If anyone is interested in this collection, please get in touch via email at:

I have sorted and referenced approx values online via Coinsandcanada as follows:
Total currency value of $1070, composed of Cdn $ bills from 1954-1979; 32-$1, 34-$2, 34-$5, 26-$10, 17-$20, 2-$50, 1-$100
The 1 gem of the collection is the BCS certified 1972 RS Lawson Bouey $5, as attached. ($3300)
Other bills approx +$200 over face value per Coinsandcanada values guidelines, at mid to low grading values.

Stephen Hunter
Oshawa, Ontario