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Post by delbel » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:47 pm

From someone who has zero knowledge - what exactly does uncirculated mean? If I have notes which were given to me at the bank and then I put them in a drawer and left them there, do they class as uncirculated? Sorry if the question seems basic but I really have no idea. Thanks.

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Re: Uncirculated

Post by coinguy » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:26 pm

I will try and explain the best I can.
Uncirculated means exactly what it says.
Bills that have never gone into circulation from the day they were printed.
You can get uncirculated bills from a Bank, as they can order them from
the Bank of Canada. Most collectors buy a Bundle (100 Notes) or a Brick
(1000 Notes) and sort through them for Gem UNC or Choice UNC bills as well as
special serial numbers or errors and return the rest.
You say you got some from the Bank, how do you know that they have never
been circulated and returned. Were they sequential numbers that may indicate
the Bank just opened a new bundle for distribution? Without seeing them, it is
pretty hard to say what you have but if they are uncirculated and you want to keep them,
I hope you have put each one in a individual sleeve for protection.
Sorry if this may seem confusing, so if you want any clarification, just ask.

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