Calgary coin show

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Calgary coin show

Post by coinme » Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:35 pm

so I went to the show this weekend and this was my first time at a coin show. It was a very good learning experience. I also got to meet Bushman74 as well and bought a few things from him.

What did I learn?

1. Be patient! There is a lot to go through.
2. Make sure you know your prices. There was some stupidly priced coins out there.
3. Check the grade. I saw some coins that to me seem over graded. I confirmed a couple with another coin dealer to be sure I was correct. Even though, the seller wouldn't budge on the price.
4. When trying to sell, some of the dealers said my ICCS MS66 was only a 65 and tried to low ball me.
5. Have fun and make some new friends.

I did end up learning a lot and I am looking forward to the fall show.

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Re: Calgary coin show

Post by Shylo » Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:26 am

Always great to learn.... one reason why I love this hobby is that you never stop learning....

I was actually a bit tempted to drive out last night to go to see the show today (sunday) but thought a bit better of it... Instead I saved the money I probably would've spent, had some great time with the family and to get my coin fix I went through a lot of over 150 newfie pennies (large and small) that I just recently aquired... good times!

Here's a few tips.. #1 It's great to walk around, browse and look but I love to have a list made up of some items I'm looking for... either up grades or hole fillers... I'm also interested in what some dealers are selling certain coins for... although for this I typically go to any of the dealers I already know and ask... have you sold coin X.... lately if so what did it end up going for? Or another.. asking some of the dealers I know.. what coins they're "looking for".... also gives you details as to what drives the market.

knowing your grades is fantastic... it's actually to the point where you have samples of a wide variety of grades for the types of coins you're interested in.... If you live close to a big dealer... go to them and just ask to look at their stock for one particular coin.

With respect to how dealers were grading your coins.. It's great to understand how different grading companies will grade a coin... Also ever more evident is how a dealer DOES have to turn profit.. but you should be able to find some very reputable dealers that will say exactly what you have, what's it's worth and what they're willing to pay...There are dealers out there like keep talking at the booths and you'll find out who's who..... Unfortunately it's usually a very big gap between 66's and 65's ... It's one reason I really like PCGS grading .. they will actually stand behind their grades and back with a guarantee...

Glad you had a good time!!

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