1954, 5 Cent (NSF) Certified, Ultra Rare

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1954, 5 Cent (NSF) Certified, Ultra Rare

Post by CommonCents » Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:05 am

I have a certified 1954 (NSF) nickel VF-20 and I am curious what kind of value to expect for such a coin as I can't find any details of the other 2 known coins. I have intentions to sell this coin.


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Re: 1954, 5 Cent (NSF) Certified, Ultra Rare

Post by CommonCents » Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:25 pm

Hi everybody. I can now take a big breath and so can, all of you!
This very fine, Canadian 1954 (NSF) 5 cent piece, is no longer in my possession and no longer hold it. Finding and having one Certified was Historical in itself, now it is essentially about to make History further. News to some, but not so to others! By going to public Auction, and is being! I can’t say more as I am not permitted to make a more direct reference according to the rules. To me as I see it.
From a personal point of view, Wow! Stressful but what a ride, a thrill and honour, it has been. To have held one of these pieces is about or even more rare than walking on the Moon, limited to only a very few! With that analogy, I would like to take a moment to salute the Challenger Shuttle Astronauts that gave up there lives 25 years ago yesterday, for space exploration.

It’s still hard to believe, that I have been a part of this extremely rare coin, essentially stirring the Numismatic World with one of the rarest Canadian coins.
Now, I know why and respect why some more senior here on this site, would not comment and now understand, so not to influence.
Now, I can speak about it, a little myself. IMHO

Hopefully one day the 1954 (NSF) 5 cent, may rank close with the 1936 dot Penny. Some might say never!... I say whatever!… oh! and what-never? One, never knows??
That’s, beaucoup longtemp! For those that want it to rain, to figure it out, without...

I feel a moral obligation and believe I may be able to contribute to this site or to others who may encounter the same or similar circumstances, and offer some insight on my adventure, IMHO.

So, I’m willing to share some wisdom learnt by me, especially when you are dealing with such rarity. It’s very tricky to go through the process with the negative that you may and will encounter, as soon as you mention an extremely rare coin. Well, to be honest it’s sometimes justified because there are allot of close ones out there, and that’s especially true with the 1954 (NSF) 5 cent, try getting one Certified! They will scrutinize!
"Like Meteorites, there are more Meteor-wrongs!"

(So the first thing to do is, breathe), that’s easier said than done and the best thing to do is (research!) and document it close u p. It’s still too early for a happy dance!
Knowing what you have if you can, is key, then if you still think you have something don’t let some one buy it from you if they knock it down, don’t get mad, just listen and say, Thank You! Easier to say, but walk away.

Examples; of them saying! It’s not that rare, there’s lots out there, you don’t know or it’s not in very good condition and my favourite, don’t get greedy!…that's really funny!
In my humble opinion write or wrong all some want to do is minimize it, breaking you down, hopping you give it up @below fair market, if they can and are good at it!
(So be aware!) They play that e-v-e-r-y day! If it’s a good offer, it will still be there later.
Some even get upset with you when you say no to them and cant have it, then you really know you’re onto something and don’t go back to them.
*Sure! They got to make a buck, but fair is the word!

**Now! It’s not all bad and I’m not saying or suggesting that everybody is like that,
In-no-way. But! Some are and they are often the first one’s you talk to, so be aware.

Don’t be discouraged by them, they can undress you standing up, be convincing and very depressing, just know the core is good and that there is, better!

(So wait!) If you still believe you have something, document it lots. Lots can happen when you don’t have it in your hands, possession is 9/10th of the law so take lots of pictures, keep notes and a couple of close people you trust knowing, helps too!

(Get it Certified!) Its value will multiply xxx?. Pick a reputable Certifying Service and keep in touch with them, with photos and emails before and during….That way ownership can never be questioned, either way. If it turns out correct, and back in your hands, things are looking up! Now, you can do a little dance! :D Take another big breath, even several with a paper bag as needed, because!
The- run- has- just- begun.

If someone makes you an offer, don’t accept the first few, it’s hard to do, but it’s a good exercise! Even more so! That is, if you are in possession of an ultra rare piece, or anything like, the 1954 (NSF) 5 cent, that hasn’t had a noted value established, yet!

Remember, if they are genuine offers, they will still be there later on. Negotiate in good faith and stick to your word, if you accept an offer don’t go back asking for more. Remember to breath and
Good Luck!

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