Shipping coins to Canada

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Shipping coins to Canada

Postby goldminerri » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:40 am

Need advice on best way to ship coins to Canada form the US. I think you can Ship up to 3 oz in a brown envelope international mail for about 2.50 US but this does not include tracking . Shipping any thing heavier starts out a7-8 dollars which is spendy for a small order of coins . It go up to !2 plus dollars for priority and I think you can add tracking. Also you need a customs form. I was told that I should put Numismatic material for inspection on the customs form. Does any one else have any thing to add or any good tips. Thank you Rich, Oh by the way I would like to thank the webmaster of the web site; as it a Top 10 website of all coin web sites on the net. :chasseur:

Bill in Burl
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Re: Shipping coins to Canada

Postby Bill in Burl » Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:17 am

For small amount of relatively inexpensive coins, I use these: ... 0032-SS102
from Brooklyn Gallery ... a great place for books and supplies.

They fit into a regular envelope and can be mailed as such. For Int'l mailing, I put 'Copper or Bronze planchets" on the customs forms. Usually if the value is less than $30-$40, there is no Customs charge.
Bill in Burl

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