coin values in book question

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coin values in book question

Post by Hot Brass » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:59 am

Hi: I will be buying my first coin,so I picked up this A Charlton Standard Catalogue Canadian Coins,Volume one 67th Edition 2013 and looked up the coin I am interested in and it shows for a MS-65 value of $325.00....would that price be wholesale,what a dealer would pay,or is it retail?
Also I have noticed that there are different grading catagories and prices,depending on which book you have,so is there one "standard" book of values and grades available?
Also is there some sort of "blue book",similar to what car dealers have showing how much a particular car is worth wholesale? Thanks a lot! Hot Brass

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Re: coin values in book question

Post by Lightw4re » Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:16 am

You can look at the prices of certified coins sold on eBay to help you.

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Re: coin values in book question

Post by Bill in Burl » Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:30 am

You were wise to make your first purchase a book rather than a coin. I would suggest that the first 3 purchases be books rather than coins, especially if you are looking at MS-65 stuff. The next thing you need to do, if high-grade coins are to be your specialty, is to learn how to grade and how each TPG actually grades and what are their specific parameters. The prices in any of the annual guides is full retail .. prices in Trends (a biweekly insert into Canadian Coin News) are somewhere between full retail and wholesale.

Except for key higher-grade dates, you can normally buy most coins for 40-50% of Charlton prices if you look around hard enough or are able to go to shows/auctions. You can normally buy most coins for 70-80% of Trends without looking too hard, but there are huge exceptions both ways. There are major differences in grading parameters between different TPG's .. make sure that you know the good ones before you purchase .. . there are many garage or home-based second/third tier entities that you need to stay away from.
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Re: coin values in book question

Post by Shylo » Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:15 pm

You don't buy from a book and you don't sell to a book...

They come up with the prices 6 months in advance of the printing date.. so they are only guidelines and suspect to iterpretation.

My experience from buying and selling is that EVERYTHING is negotiable... futhermore I would only use the book as a guideline for "insurable value" meaning if the collection was ever lost or stolen how much money I would need immediately to purchase the coins I had..

Most times you can get 50% off the Charlton guide for coins and paper money if you go to a show and talk to dealers.

At auctions things can be really good deals or get just outright stupid... so use your own descretion.

For coins the CCN prints out a trends list it's slightly different than the Charlton and because it's in a newspaper that prints more frequently than books there is a chance that it can account more accurately for any price fluctuations in the market. I like using the CCN personally... but it's only a price guide and for common coins I would say you still should expect some sort of discount of around 60-70% of the trends price.

For exceptional pieces you can actually expect to pay above trends...

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