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1912 Breton Reprint

1912 Breton Reprint$45.95 CAD

Some highlights of this book from 1912:

  • Over 1000 obverse and reverse engravings of coins and tokens found in P.N. Breton's 1894 guide.
  • The Breton numbering system of 501 to 1013 still used by collectors and dealers today.
  • Prices paid for coins such as the Specimen Pattern $20 gold piece now worth thousands.
  • Biographies and insight into some of the prominent collectors of the period.
  • Engravings of coins once worth only face value, but today regularly trade for thousands of dollars.
  • Current pricing arranged by order of Breton Numbers.
  • An index to assist with matching a Breton Number to a Breton Token.
  • 400 engravings of 207 different medals.
  • All 198 original pages reproduced in this guide along with 54 pages added for current pricing tables and for a Breton Number look-up index.

Additionnal information

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