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Colonies Francoises - 1721H

Colonies Francoises - 1721H


This is a copper token of 9 denieri, struck at la Rochelle under edict of June, 1721, to replace the 1 2 and 6 deniers of 1717 (BR #504). These details, based on the text of the edicts, disproves the pretensions that these, coins were not issued for circulation in Canada. Vaudreuil, the Governor- General of Canada, writes to the Minister in France under date of May 5th, 1723, that he had not been able to circulate more than 8,180 of these tokens and that he will return the balance. This he did on the 26th Sep tember, 1726.


  • Issuing date : 1721
  • Composition : Copper
  • Breton # : 506


  1. The value of circulated tokens generally concerns coins with a certain wear due to the circulation. These coins rarely retain their original luster.
  2. The value of a uncirculated tokens generally concerns coins with little wear almost not visible with the eye. These coins generally retain their original luster.
  3. The values displayed on this page are in Canadian dollars.

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