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Sir Isaac Brook - 1/2 penny

Sir Isaac Brook - 1/2 penny


Token issued for circulation around 1814 to commemorate Isaac Brock (or Brook, as shown on the token) during the War of 1812. He lived from 1769 to 1812.

Early in the morning of October 13th, 1812, the American Army Corps, under the command of General Van Rensselaer, crossed the Niagara river and took up a strong position on Queenstown Heights. General Brock on hearing the canonade set out from the village of Niagara to dislodge them, and, had he not been mortally wounded, would have been successful at the first onslaught. After his fall his men continued the fight with varying success until the arrival of Major-General Sheaffe, when the invaders were driven across the river after the loss of 1,000 men.

Sir Isaac Brook - 1/2 penny values and prices

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Varieties AG-3 G-4 VG-8 F-12 VF-20 EF-40 AU-50


  • Issuing date: 1813 - 1814
  • Denomination: 1/2 penny
  • Composition: Copper
  • Weight: 4.9 grams
  • Diameter: 27 mm
  • Edge: Smooth
  • Breton #: 723
  • Charlton #: UC-5A1
  • Atwood-Coffee #: 1230g

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