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Tokens and medals of Canada

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Banks tokens of Canada

List of tokens issued by canadian banks.

Pre-confederation commercial tokens of Canada

List of pre-confederation (pre 1867) commercial tokens who circulated in Canada.

Post-confederation merchant tokens of Canada

List of post-confederation merchant tokens of Canada

Trade dollars and municipal tokens of Canada

List of trade dollars and municipal tokens of Canada.

Transportation tokens of Canada

List of transportation tokens (bridge, car wash, bus, subway, cab, parking, ferry, train, transit) of Canada.

Numismatic tokens of Canada

List of numismatic tokens of Canada.

Test tokens

List of test tokens produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, which are given to vending machine companies so that they can calibrate their machines before the arrival of a coin with a new composition.

Miscellaneous tokens and medals

List several other tokens and medals of Canada.

Articles on canadian tokens

List several articles on tokens and medals.

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Tokens and medals listed by P.N. Breton

List of several tokens and medals from Canada listed by P.N. Breton.

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