Canadian coins, banknotes, values, price guide, errors and varieties - Coins and Canada

  • Canadian coins price guide, values, errors and varieties

    Find out how much your canadian coins worth!

  • Bank of Canada serial number database

    Known asterisk and replacement 1954 to 1975 banknotes.

  • Ships, Colonies & Commerce Tokens - Identification Guide

    Step-by-step guide will to assist you through the major varieties of this popular token.

  • Numismatic Mats

    Numismatic Mats to protect your coins while sorting and handling them!

  • Coronavirus and Numismatic - Timeline

    Coronavirus and Numismatic - Timeline

Coins and Canada is...

...the largest informative and collaborative website on canadian numismatic. It was created to help all types of collectors which are sharing their knowledge and discoveries. Coins and Canada is...

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