Prefix *CS - Asterisk and replacement banknotes of multicoloured series - 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 - Coins and Canada

*CS prefix 5 dollars banknotes of multicoloured series - 1969 to 1975

List of currently known and listed *CS prefix 5 dollars serial numbers.

You can send your multicoloured series replacement banknotes to add them to this list by submitting your pictures on the discussion board.

Prefix *CS - Lawson-Bouey

Lowest serial number: *CS0320000
Highest serial number: *CS0399010

27 serial numbers found with *CS prefix


Serial number Source Certification Signatures
*CS0320000Bank of Canada Museum Lawson-Bouey
*CS0320001Bank of Canada Museum Lawson-Bouey
*CS0320002Bank of Canada Museum Lawson-Bouey
*CS0320805Auction PMG - CUNC-64 Lawson-Bouey

This banknote sold for $720 CAD at Torex in October, 2008.

*CS0327682Ebay Circulated Lawson-Bouey
*CS0328618Auction CCCS - CUNC-64 Lawson-Bouey

This banknote was first sold by Geoffrey Bell Auction at the East Coast Extravaganza in Halifax, Nova Scotia on August 14th, 2008 for $960 CAD.

It was then certified UNC-64 by CCCS and sold by The Canadian Numismatic Company twice :

  • 2017 RCNA Convention in Boucherville, Quebec July 18 to 23, 2017 for $531 CAD.
  • Public Torex Auction, October 2018 for $354 CAD
*CS0328623Auction CCCS - GUNC-66 Lawson-Bouey

Sold for $420 CAD at Toronto Coin Expo Spring Sale 2018 (Geoffrey Bell Auctions).

*CS0328624Auction PCGS - CUNC-63 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0328627Auction CCCS - GUNC-66 Lawson-Bouey

This certified banknote appeared at Torex Auction on October, 2012 but didn't sell. It also was twice at The Western Banknote Collection Sales in 2013 and 2014. Then, it appeared at another Torex Auction in 2015.

*CS0331090Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CS0331546Auction CCCS - VF-30 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0332310Auction BCS - AU-55 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0334665Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CS0338844Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CS0339604Ebay BCS - VF-25 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0340848Auction BCS - EF-45 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0341259Ebay Circulated Lawson-Bouey
*CS0341833Auction PCGS - VF-35 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0345619Auction BCS - UNC-60 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0348814Auction Lawson-Bouey
*CS0353376Ebay Circulated Lawson-Bouey
*CS0360858Ebay PMG - VF-25 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0369095Auction CCCS - EF-40 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0371558Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CS0373128Auction PCGS - AU-58 Lawson-Bouey
*CS0394184Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CS0399010Auction Circulated Lawson-Bouey

*CS prefix 5 dollars 1969 to 1975 banknotes prices, values and more information

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