Prefix *CU - Asterisk and replacement banknotes of multicoloured series - 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 - Coins and Canada

*CU prefix 5 dollars banknotes of multicoloured series - 1969 to 1975

List of currently known and listed *CU prefix 5 dollars serial numbers.

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Prefix *CU - Lawson-Bouey

Lowest serial number: *CU2880164
Highest serial number: *CU3038897

46+1 serial numbers found with *CU prefix


Serial number Source Certification Signatures
*CU2880164Charlton Lawson-Bouey
*CU2881742Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CU2884042CPM Lawson-Bouey
*CU2893029Auction PCGS - GUNC-65 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2894902Auction Lawson-Bouey
*CU2903918Ebay BCS - UNC-60 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2903920Auction CCCS - CUNC-64 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2903923Auction CCCS - CUNC-64 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2908035Auction Lawson-Bouey
*CU2914177Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CU2916214Auction Lawson-Bouey
*CU2916420Auction BCS - UNC-62 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2918417Auction BCS - CUNC-64 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2920713Auction CCCS - UNC-62 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2921066Auction BCS - EF-40 Lawson-Bouey

This banknote was first seen at Toronto Coin Expo Fall Sale 2017 by Geoffrey Bell Auctions. It was uncertified, considered AU and sold for $252 CAD. It was then sold on Ebay in 2018, now certified BCS EF-40 for $103.39 CAD.

*CU2921773Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CU2925728Auction CCCS - CUNC-63 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2927534Auction CCCS - CUNC-64 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2946062Auction PCGS - GUNC-66 Lawson-Bouey

This banknote sold for $737.50 CAD on October 21, 2010 at Torex. 7 years later, at Torex Auction Sale (June, 2017), it sold for $690 CAD.

*CU2950842Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CU2951590Auction CCCS - VF-20 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2962654Auction Lawson-Bouey
*CU2963038Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CU2966931Auction PCGS - VF-35 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2967877Auction LCG - GUNC-65 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2969263Ebay Circulated Lawson-Bouey
*CU2971795Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CU2975721Auction PMG - CUNC-64 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2977697Auction BCS - EF-45 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2979478Auction Lawson-Bouey
*CU2979479Auction Lawson-Bouey
*CU2983048Ebay Circulated Lawson-Bouey
*CU2987220Auction BCS - UNC-60 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2987225Auction PMG - GUNC-66 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2987626Auction PMG - GUNC-65 Lawson-Bouey

This banknote realized at Heritage Auctions on April, 2014, in Chicago, $517 CAD.

*CU2988223Auction PMG - CUNC-64 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2994979Auction BCS - UNC-60 Lawson-Bouey
*CU2999247Auction CCCS - EF-40 Lawson-Bouey
*CU3002431Auction CCCS - CUNC-63 Lawson-Bouey
*CU3002750Auction CCCS - EF-40 Lawson-Bouey
*CU3004580Auction BCS - F-15 Lawson-Bouey
*CU3007587Ebay Lawson-Bouey
*CU3015570Auction PCGS - VF-25 Lawson-Bouey
*CU3017018Auction Lawson-Bouey
*CU3031977Ebay PMG - GUNC-66 Lawson-Bouey
*CU3032865Auction Circulated Lawson-Bouey
*CU3038897Auction Circulated Lawson-Bouey

*CU prefix 5 dollars 1969 to 1975 banknotes prices, values and more information

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