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Coins and coin collecting

By Coins and coin collecting    |   Wednesday, 17 May 2006

The following content comes from the Coins and collecting website, which no longer exists. To keep this information available to the public and for a perpetuity reason, we reproduced it here. The following tips and tricks were written to help grow your coin collection and present your coins to their best advantage. Most of it was written in 2006.

Being a Coin Collector

Coin collecting is one of the few hobbies that can be started with a budget as low as one cent. With these tips and tricks, learn how you can keep your hobby alive and growing. Find out the history associated with the coins in your collection. Discover how to grade and value your coins. Ensure that you keep your collection in pristine condition by protecting your valuable coins from the elements.

Collecting State Coins

With 50 states to collect from, you may want to start collecting state coins just from your home state and then branch out to neighboring states rather than tackle the whole of the US at once.

Rare Coins

The joy of collecting rare coins is that you've actually got a tangible investment that you can look at and admire. You also know that the supply of the rare coins you are collecting is unlikely to rise, so the value of your collection should go up and up.

World Coins

Almost every country in the world, from the tiniest to the largest, produces coins. Over the centuries, this has produced a vast array of designs for coins. Specializing in the coins of just one country can be an easy way to keep your collection manageable.

Miscellaneous topics of interest to coin collectors

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