Just Posted On The Ike Dollar Double Die List

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Rick Stachowski
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Just Posted On The Ike Dollar Double Die List

Post by Rick Stachowski » Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:41 am

1974 D CN Obverse
Discovery Coin: IDDDO-1 74D IDDDR-MHDDR IDDP-1

Cross Reference: None Known.

Attributed by: IDDD Thomas Kalantzis.

Class: Obverse Class II Tripled/Master Hub.

Reporter: Richard Stachowski.

Description: Class II tripling seen on many letters of IN GOD WE TRUST. Wide split serifs and doubling seen on the rest of the letters. Wide but mushy spread on the upper left serif of the 1. Tripling on the 7.

Reverse Description: Master hub DDR.

Marker: Obverse Full R in LIBERTY. Eye pocket die scratches. Scratch to the left of thee last T of TRUST running SW/NE. Die scratch to the left of the R of LIBERTY running SW/NE. Die crack starting at the rim to the left of the one in date meandering onto the one, continuing NE through the 9 and 7 ending at the 4 in date. Reverse: Type 3.

Date Recorded: 12/5/2013, CD.

Population: 1.

Comments: Obverse has been abraded due to cracking on the die (Serfice crack). Mr Stachowski has the honor of being the first collector to have sent in the first tripled working die TDO for the 1974 D minted coin. heres the link to this DDO http://www.ikedollardoubledie.com/1974- ... do-ddr.php

Rick Stachowski
Posts: 92
Joined: Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:13 am

Re: Just Posted On The Ike Dollar Double Die List

Post by Rick Stachowski » Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:42 am

Heres some info on working die TDO:
Working Hub - doubled die
A Working hub doubled die is doubling passed down from a doubled Master die.

Stand alone Working die - doubled die, tripled, quadrupled etc are all Very RARE.

These are the rarest form of die doubling, to date are known as being stand alone die representatives.

What is the difference between a working hub DDO and a Working die DDO or TDO or TDR etc.

Working hubs are already doubled at the Master die level and passed onto the working hub, in turn the doubled Working hub simply transfers the doubled image onto the Working die through the hubbing process .

Working die doubled die

Working die doubled dies when the Working die is being hubbed incorrectly, any wrong settings or misalignment, or the float not working properly due to debris as well as using different hubs can cause die doubling as well as a tilted looking strike showing on the coin as a one sided doubled die stronger on side to no visible doubling on the other side. New as of 2008 tripled etc. are images overwritten through the hubbing process, with new tripled - quadrupling, etc. happens again on the last hubbing effecting the outer devices, these dies are stand alone tripled etc. dies (TDO/TDR etc.) This type of doubled, tripled etc. dies are almost always doubled twice - first on the Master die then again hubbed in to the new Working die on the last hubbing and possibly next to last hubbing, this is why some Working dies are Very RARE and others very common.

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