Post your pictures here if you want grades opinions.
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Post by calaltaca » Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:39 am

:?: :?: :?: :?: I have read posts here about some other TPG from the U.S. and now let me tell you three stories about PGCS. These all are or have been for sale on Ebay.

1) A 1798 Silver dollar labelled 'large eagle' - definitely a small - that a no brainer to figure out. Obviously they can't even grade their own currency, so what chance do we have.

2) A Canadian 1935 100.00 note with a definite center fold - graded AU - who does that!!!

3) This one is a little more complex - might take cracking open a book or web page to figure out. A Canadian 1986 two dollar note - serial #BRX3510834. They graded it as a replacement note. As you astute collectors know, in the Bonin/Thiessen issue, the true replacements were EBX. While there is a series of BRX that command a bit more money BUT the series is from 3520000 to 3579999. So this missed all of the criteria. Some guy is trying to sell it for about 400.00 Grade was CUNC67. Nice note but only really worth what 50-60 bucks

I guess if we want to sell something and get more than what it is worth, take the time and money and send it to the U.S. I think they are smoking too much and pot is not even legal there in most states. BUT, they are supposed to bt "THE GODS" of grading

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