Shin plaster note

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mick murray
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Shin plaster note

Post by mick murray » Tue Oct 20, 2020 10:09 am

Why is there such a difference of value between a plain 1870 shin plaster note and an 'A' series note,

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Re: Shin plaster note

Post by bushman74 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 7:17 pm

The "A" series were the first Shinplasters issued in Canada in 1870. They became very popular very fast. The volume of both series was the same however the "B" series which followed in 1871 and continued in production until the late 1890's so the distribution was much slower then the "A" series. With more "A" series in circulation they naturally wore out faster and thus disappeared from circulation faster. The notes with "NO" series were not printed until the 1890's. Thus the "B" series and "NO" series had less wear and tear and tend to remain in larger availability quantities then the "A" series. Soon after the "NO" series and some of the last released "B"'s the New 1900 series started. So in simple terms there are fewer "A" series available then the others so the higher price for them.

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