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Bulldog Banknotes
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Valuation Guides

Post by Bulldog Banknotes » Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:06 am

We would very much be interested in learning as to what valuation guides users trust ?

We would like to believe we have a firm grip on the UK market, but curious as to how things are done "over the pond".

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Re: Valuation Guides

Post by coinguy » Thu Jan 28, 2021 8:06 am

I think that you will find that a lot of people "over here" use check eBay sold listings as to what something is worth.
There is just too much variation between the various guides.
To get a general idea though, you could check with the listings on this site under Banknotes.

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Re: Valuation Guides

Post by beachcow » Thu Jan 28, 2021 12:31 pm

I would submit that the Charlton Standard Catalogue to Canadian Government Paper Money is a widely recognized and respected publication.

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Re: Valuation Guides

Post by GBELEC » Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:36 pm

Bulldog , I don't think you can rely on any one place to give you a true value on notes or coins. I try to watch as meany auctions as I can , Check ebay, Charlton, as meany web sites as I can find. Then its a mater of averaging what you have learned. No matter what you are told if your selling you have to find someone that wants it. and if your buying you have to be happy with what you pay in the end .
But i look at it as a collector, not a invester I don't think i will ever make anything from my collection, there is just stuff out there I like and I pay what I can afford to.

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