2012new toonie

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2012new toonie

Post by Mrcoin » Tue Mar 02, 2021 10:34 pm

Have a question for any one, at my work there is one vending machine all ways rejects the new 2012 whenever i put it in the machine. all other new toonie design since 2013 work in that machine. has anyone had this happen to them at anying vending machine they have use.

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Re: 2012new toonie

Post by Bond632 » Wed Mar 03, 2021 12:08 am

In 2012 the mint changed the toonie from a solid nickel outer ring to a nickel plated steel ring, the core went from mostly solid copper to a brass plated aluminum bronze, with the change in composition they also added new security measures for it. They made both types for that year, with each having a different weight and magnetic signature, vending machines use this signature to determine whether to accept or reject the coin.

Try a pre 2012 toonie in it, if it’s also rejected, then I would imagine the machine is set to only accept coins with the new composition and security features.

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