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Discussion about unopened Mint rolls

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2024 8:19 am
by Mint State
Good morning, I have always wondered about Mint rolls and errors /varieties. Let's say 1964 CAD nickel XWL variety. If you have an unopened mint roll, and there is not a XWL variety showing on the end, does it stand to reason there would not be one inside? I assume the die crack that caused the error was on a certain run, and then fixed. So there would only be rolls from that point in time of minting that would be chock full of them, but never again. I don't really know how many Mint presses emptied into a single bin when the die crack was present. So if there were 10 presses emptying into 1 collection vat then of course the rolls from that period would be mixed, and the mint rolls may not be showing an XWL on the end, but if there is only 1 press into 1 vat, then the rolls would be complete with 40 error coins and the end coin would show.
Anyway, it has occurred to me many times when I come across Mint rolls like '64 , or even '65 if it's worth opening them. I read an article recently that a dealer had a box of CAD 2006 mag logo cents, and opened them to sell individually and found they were full of mag / no logo. Which are obviously much more unique. It leaves me wondering again about Mint rolls. I thought I would put this up here and start a discussion on Mint rolls... and maybe even gain some knowledge. Thanks.