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Banknotes of Canadian banks (chartered banks)

Chartered banks issued banknotes from 1817 to 1944. After 1871, the smallest denomination accepted was $4 then $5 in 1880. In total, more than 120 banks in Canada issued banknotes. In 1944, it was forbidden to issue banknotes by the canadian chartered banks.

Here is the list of chartered banks who issued banknotes.

Detailed chartered banks and banknotes

Bank Issued in
Agricultural Bank 1834-1837
Arman's Bank 1837
Banque de Boucherville 1837
Bank of Acadia 1872
Bank of Brantford 1859
Bank of British Columbia 1862-1894
Bank of British North America 1852-1911
Bank of Charlottetown 1852
Bank of Clifton 1859-1861
Bank of Hamilton 1872-1922
Bank of Liverpool 1871
Bank of Montreal 1817-1942
Bank of New Brunswick 1820-1906
Bank of Nova Scotia 1834-1935
Bank of Ottawa 1874-1913
Bank of Toronto 1856-1937
Bank of Western Canada 1859
Bank of Yarmouth 1860-1891
Banque d'Hochelaga 1874-1920
Banque Canadienne Nationale 1925-1935
Banque Provinciale du Canada 1900-1936
Barclays Bank Canada 1929-1935
Canadian Bank of Commerce 1867-1935
Colonial Bank of Canada 1859
Crown Bank of Canada 1904
Dominion Bank 1871-1938
Eastern Townships Bank 1859-1906
Exchange Bank of Yarmouth 1869-1902
Farmers' Joint Stock Banking Company 1835-1849
Imperial Bank of Canada 1875-1939
International Bank of Canada 1858-1859
Mechanics Bank 1872 (1837)
Merchants Bank of Halifax 1864-1899
Merchants Bank of Canada 1868-1919
Merchants Bank of Prince Edward Island 1871-1900
Metropolitan Bank, Toronto 1902-1912
Molsons Bank 1837-1922
Northern Bank 1905
Northern Crown Bank 1908-1914
Ontario Bank 1857-1898
People's Bank of Halifax 1864-1903
Quebec Bank 1818-1911
Royal Bank of Canada 1901-1943
Standard Bank of Canada 1876-1924
Summerside Bank of Prince Edward Island 1866-1900
Traders Bank of Canada 1885-1910
Union Bank of Canada 1886-1921
Union Bank of Halifax 1861-1909
Union Bank of Prince Edward Island 1864-1877
Westmorland Bank 1854-1861
Weyburn Security Bank 1911

Other chartered banks and banknotes

Bank Issued in
Bank of Canada (commerciale) 1818-1823
Bank of Fredericton 1837-1838
Bank of London 1883
Bank of Lower Canada 1839-1851
Bank of Prince Edward Island 1856-1877
Bank of the County of Elgin 1856
Bank of Upper Canada 1819-1861
Bank of Vancouver 1910
Banque Canadienne 1836
Banque de Peuple 1835-1892
Banque de St. Hyancinthe 1874-1892
Banque de St. Jean 1873-1906
Banque Internationale de Canada 1862-1895
Banque St. Jean Baptiste 1875
Banque Ville Marie 1873-1889
Canada Bank Company 1792
Central Bank of Canada 1884
Central Bank of New Brunswick 1847-1860
Charlotte County Bank 1852-1859
City Bank 1833-1857
City Bank, St. John, New Brunswick 1836-1838
Colonial Bank of Chatham 1837
Commercial Bank 1834 (1837)
Canadian Commercial Bank 1857-1891
Commercial Bank of Montreal 1835-1836
Commercial Bank of New Brunswick 1837-1860
Commercial Bank of the Midland District 1832-1854
Commercial Bank of Windsor 1860-1898
Consolidated Bank of Canada 1876
Eastern Bank of Canada 1929
Exchange Bank 1839-1844
Exchange Bank of Canada 1872-1873
Exchange Bank of Canada, Windsor 1864
Exchange Bank of Toronto 1855
Farmers Bank of Canada 1907-1908
Farmers' Bank of Rustico 1864-1872
Farmers' Bank of St. Johns 1837-1839
Federal Bank of Canada 1874-1884
Goderich Bank 1834
Gore Bank 1836-1856
Halifax Banking Company 1825-1898
Hart's Bank 1837-1838
Henry's Bank 1837
Home Bank 1904-1920
Hudson's Bay Company 1820-1870
Kingston Bank 1837-1843
MacDonald and Co. 1863
Maritime Bank of the Dominion of Canada 1873-1882
Mercantile Banking Corporation 1878
Merchants Exchange Bank 1853
Metropolitan Bank, Montreal 1872
New Castle District Loan Company 1836
Newcastle Banking Company 1836
Niagara District Bank 1854-1872
Niagara Suspension Bridge Bank 1836-1841
People's Bank of New Brunswick 1864-1905
Pictou Bank 1874-1882
Provincial Bank of Canada 1856
Royal Canadian Bank 1865-1872
Saint Francis Bank 1850
Sovereign Bank of Canada 1902-1907
St. Lawrence Bank 1872
St. Lawrence Bank and Lumber Company 1837
St. Stephens Bank 1830-1903
Stadacona Bank 1874
Sterling Bank of Canada 1906-1921
Tattersall Bank 1830
Union Bank 1838
Union Bank of Lower Canada 1866-1871
Union Bank of Montreal 1840
United Empire Bank of Canada 1906
Western Bank of Canada 1882-1890
Zimmerman Bank 1854-1856

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