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Colonial and pre-confederation tokens of Canada

The metallic currency in circulation consisted mainly of British and foreign coins (French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and American), many so worn as to be almost unidentifiable. At this time several merchants began to issue copper tokens to meet the need for small change. Furthermore, extensive quantities of low-denomination tokens were imported from England by merchants hoping to facilitate business in the colonies and make a profit on the tokens. Some of these tokens were anonymous, that is, they did not indicate the name of the merchant who had imported them, while others carried the name of the merchant.

This section presents different colonial and pre-confederation tokens of Canada. The links below will guide you to the description and characteristics of these types of tokens and see various errors, varieties and values.


Bust and Harp imitations, George III and Britannia, George III and Harp, Harp and Ships, Colonies & Commerce, Machine Shop, Ships, Colonies & Commerce, Tiffin imitations, Warehouse

Lower Canada

Bouquet, Bust and Harp, Commerce, Commercial Change, Devins & Bolton, Duncan & Company, Facilitate trade, Francis Mullins & Son, J. Shaw, J.H. Roy, Magdalen Island, Montreal, Public accomodation, R.W. Owen, Richard Hurd, Seated Justice, Ship, Ships, colonies & commerce, Spread Eagle, T. Duseaman, T.S. Brown & Company, Thomas Halliday, Thos. & Wm. Molson, Victoria

New Brunswick

Frances McDermott, Provincial Government, Public accomodation, St. John's


Fishery rights, Peter McAuslan, Rutherford Brothers, Ship

Nova Scotia

Broke, Carritt & Alport, Commercial change, Genuine British Copper, H, Halifax, Hosterman & Etter, J. Brown, John Alexr. Barry, Nova Scotia, Ship, Starr & Shannon, Success, Success to Navigation, Trade & Navigation, W. White, W.A. & S. Black, W.L. White, Wholesale Retail Hardware

Prince Edward Island

Duncan & Company, E.L. Lydiard, George Davies, James Duncan & Co., James Millner, Public accomodation, Ships, colonies & commerce

Upper Canada

Commercial Change, Facilitate Trade, John Walker & Co., Lesslie & Sons, Perrins Bros., Sir Isaac Brook, Success to Commerce


1 penny 1813, Ciudad, Commerce, Cossack, Cuidad, Hibernia, Marshall, Salamanca, Trade & Commerce, Vittoria, Waterloo

Miscellaneous and unclassified

Anchor Money, British Colonies, Colonies Francoises, Halla Andrews, Hibernia, Ireland, L. Gnaedinger, Son & Company, Maysenholder & Bohle, North west company, Playing cards, Success to Trade, Utrique Facit Commercia Mundo

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