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Articles on banknotes of foreign countries

This section lists articles on banknotes of foreign countries.

The Iraqi Dinar In A Nutshell

The Iraqi Dinar In A Nutshell

The Iraqi dinar was introduced into circulation in 1931 and was at par with the Pound sterling. The Iraqi dinar replaced the Indian rupee that was the official currency at the time of the British occupation in World War I. After the 1958 coup d'etat, the Iraqi dinar was dissociated from the Pound sterling, but continued to have a very high value.

By Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association | Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Article about locally acceptable, small change 'trading' currencies, with a redemption date, quickly made at district levels, by German and Austrian-Hungarian Burgermeisters (mayors) and their councils, to suit the needs of their immediate community, town or city.

By Graeme Petterwood | Wednesday, February 4, 1998

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