Prefix *CB - Asterisk and replacement banknotes of multicoloured series - 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 - Coins and Canada

*CB prefix 5 dollars banknotes of multicoloured series - 1969 to 1975

List of currently known and listed *CB prefix 5 dollars serial numbers.

You can send your multicoloured series replacement banknotes to add them to this list by submitting your pictures on the discussion board.

Prefix *CB - Bouey-Rasminsky

Lowest serial number: *CB0413999
Highest serial number: *CB1734999

3 serial numbers found with *CB prefix


Serial number Source Certification Signatures
*CB0413999Auction Circulated Bouey-Rasminsky

This banknote sold for $8,330 CAD at Torex Auction in 2019. It was described as:

Extremely Rare prefix with only 3 registered to exist. The note can be considered a DOUBLE VARIETY as it is also a HIGH RANGE replacement note, which all end in 000,499, 500, 999 . *CB0413999 is replacing a defective/error note and is specially hand cut. A problem free VF example.

*CB1640000Auction PCGS - VF-30 Bouey-Rasminsky

This banknote sold for $13,570 CAD at Torex Auction in 2018.

*CB1734999Charlton Bouey-Rasminsky

*CB prefix 5 dollars 1969 to 1975 banknotes prices, values and more information

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